Co-operatives WA is the registered trading name of The Co-operative Federation of WA Inc. the peak industry body for co-operative companies incorporated in Western Australia. Members elect, on a rotational basis, Member Companies to form the
Co-operatives WA Council to administer the day to day affairs of the peak body. The Member Companies of Council nominate personal representatives to attend to the affairs of Co-operatives WA. 

As at January 2022 the corporate members of Council and their respective representatives were: 

Federation Council


Capricorn Society Limited

David Fraser

Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd

Ken Seymour

Galactic Co-op WA Ltd

Kate Biondo

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-op Ltd

Michael May

Mt Barker Co-operative Ltd

Chris Enright

WA Meat Marketing Co-op Ltd

Bill O'Keefe

York & District Co-op Ltd

Mia Monger


Click here for the registered rules of Co-operatives WA.